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User Experience

I am a UX designer who specializes in creating delightful user experiences in ways that reduce risk and meet business requirements.

The scope of my experience has earned me a unique perspective and skillset. While I've always had a focus on design and the user experience, I've been a valued and contributing member at various product levels. From strategic to tactical, I've gotten my hands dirty.

I've been on development teams, UX/design teams, and product teams. I've gathered requirements, worked with some amazing teams to collaborate in ideation and wireframing/prototyping phases. I've worked through design and development iterations in both waterfall and agile environments. I've experienced the product environment as a designer doing the research and testing, as a developer bringing the designs to fruition, and as a product owner creating and overseeing the product development.

A huge part of my efficiency comes from a deep understanding of product on multiple levels which allows me to collaborate with and execute on a variety of product teams.