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Full Size Copper Corset Revelation 5:8, Smithed Copper Prayer Incense Smithed Copper Relaxation Form Smithed Copper Relaxation Form, Outer View We Move On — Copper, Brass, Silver We Move On, Side View — Copper, Brass, Silver John 3:16, Smithed Heart Shaped Box — Copper, Silver Malachite, Flocking Smithed Heart Shaped Box Up Close Bronze Wax Cast Magnolia Niobium Earrings Shooting Star Ring — Silver, Brass and Rose Brass Silver, Gold and Enamel Fish Necklace

Sculpting & Textiles

Clay Pot, Slab Sideview of Clay Pot, Slab Clay Vase, Thrown Pear Container, Handbuilt Clay Pot, Handbuilt Rug, Woven on Loom Blanket, Crocheted

Prints, Drawings & Paintings

Da Dunt - Color Print Lend Me Your Ear - Drypoint and Aquatint Print Divine Romance - Print from Wallpaper & Wax Etching Untitled - Charcoal, Conte and Coffee Untitled - Conte and Eraser Untitled - Pastels Waimanalo Beach on Wine Glass Waimanalo Beach on Wine Glass, Another Angle Selah Logo Painting in Studio Magnolia - Acrylic and Gouache Untitled I - Mixed Media Untitled II Untitled III