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Price Guide

Faux Finishes
Base Paint and 2 Color Faux$4.50/Sq Ft
*each additional color is $1.25 Per Square Foot

Murals (Wall)
Low DetailMedium DetailHigh Detail
$12.50/Sq Ft$25/Sq Ft$50/Sq Ft
*prices vary by placement (i.e. ceiling), complexity and style requirements

Straight Paint
Base color paint/1 color straight paint$1.75/Sq Ft

Embossing with venetian plaster and vinyl design$15/Sq Ft
*minimum $15

Venetian Plaster
Venetian Plaster Finish$12.50/Sq Ft
*must be on smooth walls

Vinyl Lettering (measured in linear feet)$9.00/Ln Ft
Vinyl Color Prints (measured in square feet)$25.00/Sq Ft
*Minimum 1 linear foot/1 square foot per order
*Installation included in price if installed on walls under 8 feet tall

Consultation, measurements and estimates are FREE
*once a direction is established, we create samples/sketches to represent the finished work

There is a $250 minimum on any work.
Samples, if necessary, are $125 for up to 3 samples. The sample cost is upfront, but will be deducted from final cost.
Simple mural sketches are free. Precise, detailed murals are $50 per room.

We are fully insured.
Visa Accepted Master Card Accepted Paypal Accepted